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11 Sep 2020 by Comet Bay Vet Hospital

Protect Your Dog with These Tips


Having a pet isn't an experiment. You will be the most

important thing in your pet's life for many years. Everything in your pet's

life will be up to you. Here are some very important things you can do to

protect pets.

I decided to start from the end. I added #10 on my list as

#1. This is to show you where I'm going with this, no surprises. #10 is the

most important, if you don't do this then don't bother as much about the

others. It will be like putting a band-aid on a broken arm. Just won't make


1. Keep their vaccinations current.

Work with your pet's doctor to find the best schedule for

vaccinations for your pet. I believe working with a holistic vet is best, if

this isn't a fit for you at least find a vet that isn't just interested in the

profit. It has been researched and proven that giving annual shots every after

year can cause more harm than good, but before you just stop giving shots

please talk with your veterinarian.

2. Always have a leash on your dog when walking.

Cars are a real danger. Even if your dog is trained to walk

off lead you never know what will make them take chase and run out in traffic.

It's better to properly leash train them for those fun walks. Save the off-leash

outings for the dog parks.

3. Make sure your dog has a fenced secure yard to play

and exercise in.

If you wouldn't put a toddler outside alone in an open

unsecured yard, don't do it with your dog either. Think of pets the way you do

a toddler and you will be making the right safe choices.

4. Always have tags on your dogs and cats’ collars.

Make sure the pets wear the collars. Go a step further and

have them micro-chipped. If your dog or cat sneaks out the door and gets lost

the odds are greater of being reunited with them if they have ID or

micro-chips. During the two years I worked at the humane society I saw too many

pets come in as strays that never found their families again. With no ID tags

or microchips, it's almost impossible to locate the owners. There are too many

shelters for families to search every one of them when a pet is lost.

5. Keep them clean, brushed, nails trimmed, ears and eyes


If you aren't able to groom your pet take them to a

professional. Many professional groomers will brush a pet’s teeth as part of

the grooming. Find a groomer who will be gentle and handle your pet with tender

loving care.

6. Housedogs tend to live longer than outdoor dogs.

It's best to provide a save warm place inside you home for a

dog to sleep. If this isn't possible at least provide a warm doghouse with

blankets. Keep water available at all times. If a dog must sleep in the garage

make sure no solvents are around. Anti-freeze kills dogs and they go for the

sweet taste and smell so make sure none is dripping from cars. If at all possible,

bring your dog inside during winter. Dogs can get frostbite on their ears,

nose, toes or any exposed area.

7. Play and exercise with them every day.

Even if you are exhausted playing with your dog will make

you feel better. Remember, they are waiting all day for you to come home. They

miss you and want to have fun when you finally get home. Just take 15 minutes

to toss a ball or take them for a walk. Remember the saying, if you have put on

extra weight, you having exercised your dog enough.

8. Socialize your dog.

Let them see other dogs, kids, and big people. If the only

outing your dog has is going to the doctor for check-ups, he will be afraid or

anxious of anything new. If you got your dog as an adult and he's a scaredy dog

you can still help him by going very slow. Take him out on walks and build up

to taking him to public places as his confidence improves. Some dogs never get

used to being around other people or animals. If your dog is like that just

accept it and love him for it.

9. Do all the things above and you will help keep your

dog safe and happy.

Skipping one thing for a day isn't going to kill your pet.

Not getting into a habit of doing all these things for your pet can shorten their

life and will make their life very un-fulfilling.

10. Pay attention to what you feed your dog. If you do all

the other things, I talk about but buy the grocery store brand of food you are

not helping your dog. Would you feed your child McDonald's every day? If you

did wouldn't you expect them to be sick more often, do poorly in school, be

tired and crabby and become lazy from lack of energy? The same is true for your

dog or cat. The average pet food is not going to help your pet live a long,

healthy, or happy life. Do some research and do the right thing for your pet.

Find a healthy natural food and prove to the pets in your family that you care

about their health and well-being the same as you care about your human

families. For more help or advice goes to Comet Bay Vet Hospital.