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Tens Massager Units Pads And Muscle Pain Device For You Body Relax


The model F3 is based on tens technology to design tens massage units pads and muscle pain device for you body relax , the model was manufactured by professional factory WYET and it have a good quantity with CE and FCC and RoHs and passed the stability test,after massaged 15 minutes,it can reach relax your body and relieve pain and relieve fatigue and relieve stress,nervous excitation,improve blood circulation.

2. Spec

Name:Efeelwell F3 Mini Massager



Design:TENS and Human Engineering

Power supply:3.7V 110 mha  lithium cell  Support 8hours

Unit size:138*56*10.5mm

Unit weight:50g

Box Weight:120g

Surfacing Materials:Silica Gel , ABS

Gift box size:180*95*25mm

Accessories:Manual, Micro-USB cable, 2PCS Electrode Pads


It has 7 intensity options and vibration ,acupuncture,shock, 3 massage mode and circulation work

LED display,the device turn on and normal work blue LED flash,the device is charging and the red LED light is on.

If device is not touching skin,it will be turn off within 5 minutes

TENS technology, to ease the pain of the body, promote blood circulation, increase the health of the body.

Press the + button 2 secs,the device turn on,and press the + button,add the intensity,press the - button,reduce the intensity,press the - button 2 secs,the device turn off.

When the device was full power,it can be used for 6 to 8 hours.

Design on the use of human body, surface material is silicone, can be arbitrarily curved with the human body.

The device has patent and stability test of third party major.

3. Illustration

4. Manual

No.1: Take out the F3 massager and electrode pad, put electrode pad buckle at F3 massager back.

No.2: Take off PET protective film, and posted on the body parts of fatigue and pain.

No.3:Long press "+" button and see blue LED flash, the F3 massager turn on and work, and then feel the F3 output the function. Press the "+" button, enhanced strength , press the "-" button, reduce the strength , long press "-" button turn off F3 massager,blue LED off.

5. LED status

Turn on The F3,the blue LED is flash,

The system is operating ,the blue LED is flash too

Charge the battery, the red LED is flash, and finished the Charge, the LED is off.

6. Warning

Forbidden to useForbidden to use :HeadForbidden to use: Privates

Forbidden to use: ChestForbidden to use: PatientForbidden to use: Fore neck

Forbidden to use: ChildrenForbidden to use: GravidaForbidden to use :Current allergyBulk Healthy care device


26-Aug-2019 08:30 UTC

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