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深圳101数码产品有限公司隶属于香港101原型技术有限公司,位于深圳市宝安区福荣工业区岗子工业园。公司成立于2002年,占地面积5000平方米,现拥有CNC,精雕机30余台,真空复模机3台,大型低压灌注机1台和大量的辅助设备以及一个500平方米的一个Class 100,000无尘喷漆室。公司以“领先一步”为经营理念,“超越多数”为服务宗旨,我们有信心为现有和潜在客户提供最优质的服务,

Our Product

Our core business specializes in prototype build and tryout including automotive products, home appliances, digital products, robots and medical equipment. co-coperative enterprises cover a lof of well-known listing companies in China, Europe and US. We supply Urethane Casting parts,CNC machine parts,metal stamping parts and rapid prototype all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

Product Application

Prototype for Industry use are widely used in the following industry, such as:

---Automotive field

---medical field

---Digital products

---Smart wear areas

---Toy field

---Household appliances field

---Production equipment field

---Non-standard parts

---Robot field

--Unmanned aircraft field…

Our Certificate

We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

Production Equipment

We were established in 2002 that occupies an area of 5000 square meters, by far, the facility is equipped with more than 30 sets of machines for CNC and fine carving, 3 sets of vacuum complex mould machine, one big-size low pressure perfusion machine and a lot of auxiliary equipment as well as one Class 100,000 dust-free painting room with a size of 500 square meters.

Production Market

We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:

North America 25%

Europe 15%

Israel 10%

Singapore 15%

Southeast Asia 10%

Japan 10%

Korea 5%

Russia 5%

Others 5%

Our service

Our company takes " One step ahead" as our operating concept, "Exceed the majority" as our service target, we are confident in providing existing and potential customers with best services, quality and competitive products by team as many as more than 200 staff members who are experienced in skill and technology.China Portable X-ray machine metal plastic milling prototype


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